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At MIB, not only do we offer several insurance products, but we can also help with various financial services. Our staff will be astute in helping you identify what you need, and when it is needed. Take a closer look at some of our services.

Survey and Review of client’s operations and existing policies and conduct a gap analysis to determine insurance needs.

Design of insurance program to cover desired exposures whilst satisfying all legal and contractual obligations

Implement risk management techniques to minimize and control loss exposure.

Review of all contracts and laws to determine contractual legal exposures and then advise on the insurance requirements. 

Secure quotations from the most suitable markets for the designed programs and provide the client with a comparative analysis of quotations and our recommendation

Establish a system in liaison with the client for timely reporting of claims. Advise clients on the forms, documents and timelines necessary for making claims. Submit and negotiate settlement of claims and recovery, if any

Advise the Client of market and business benefit trends in Trinidad and the Caribbean Region.

Place insurance as directed by the client, complete proposal forms, collect and pay over premiums, collect and deliver policy documents after checking for compliance, with client’s instructions

Assist in the disposal of salvage.

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