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Health insurance is of utmost importance for bringing you peace of mind in your time of need. Our plans enable you to save money on your medical necessities including doctor’s visits, vision care, dentist visits, and prescription drugs. Call us to learn more.


Death is inevitable and there may be a financial hardship that others might face when we die. Getting life insurance is one way to ease the burden of that economic risk. Having a life insurance policy is an important part of good financial planning. Whether you are an individual protecting the financial needs of your family or a business trying to protect the company’s economic future, attaining this type of policy ensures that you mitigate the possible economic hardships due to your untimely death.


At MIB, our focus is the needs of our clients. We take several measures to ensure our customers are presented with the best options. As a broker, we seek varied quotes from different Insurers to guarantee you’ll get the best product to suit your requirements. We take care of several General insurance policies including Motor, Homeowners/House owners, and many more. Contact us for a quote today.

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